About Parchvale

Parchvale Ltd is a leading provider of micronized wax products for the surface coating industry

Bob Dunkin established Parchvale Ltd in 1992, having been in the surface coating industry for over 20 years. Parchvale now consists of a team of industry specialists who strive to offer high quality products and professional advice tailored to individual needs.

The Glissawax Range

Since its foundation, Parchvale Ltd has developed The Glissawax Range; a group of high quality, micronized wax products for use in a range of different surface coatings including liquid and paste printing inks, powder coatings, metallic inks, waterbased coatingscoil coatings and wood coatings applications.

Our Customers

Parchvale Ltd has the knowledge and skill to address and tackle a diverse range of coating issues. We work closely with our customers to understand their products and provide the best solutions.

Our long standing customer relationships range from small independents to large multinationals throughout the UK and Europe, and in recent years we have explored business opportunities further afield within the world’s expanding markets.

Contact Us

If you have a query regarding your surface coating product and wish to seek advice on wax additives and how they can assist your business, please contact us by telephone or email for an initial discussion.


The Parchvale Team


Parchvale Ltd. Registered in England, No. 1512040

Quality Standard ISO 9001

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