BLOXLABS’ main line of business is supplying dip slides for the detection of aerobic bacteria, yeast and mould in industrial aqueous fluids.


Q: Do you use aqueous fluids within an industrial, manufacturing or commercial environment?

Q: Is it your responsibility to ensure that this aqueous fluid is in good condition and not growing hazardous levels of bacteria, yeast or mould?

Q: Are you in charge of monitoring the concentration of biocides within this aqueous fluid?

Q: Would you benefit from a simple, economical and reliable test to help you control levels of micro-organisms and biocides within your aqueous fluids?

Q: Are you accountable for keeping your work environment safe, well maintained and operating efficiently, in line with your health and safety policy?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, we can help. We supply a range of simple dip slides and test kits to assist you with monitoring and maintaining healthy aqueous fluids within your work place. Explore the tabs of the left-hand side of your screen for more information.


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