Why use our Dip Slides?

The BLOXLABS TTC/Malt Agar Dip Slide is an economical, straightforward and effective solution for detecting micro-organisms in industrial aqueous fluids on a regular basis.

The combination dip slide gives you the opportunity to test for all three elements in one step. It offers a large paddle for ease of analysis and each comes with its own label to identify the sample origin. The instructions enclosed with each box are comprehensive; no additional training is necessary.

Adopting a weekly test regime allows the user to quickly identify unhealthy levels of micro-organisms and implement speedy remedial action; minimising downtime and long-term damage.

Regular checks can also determine whether you have enough biocide in your industrial aqueous fluid and how effective that biocide treatment is.

To support those new to regular micro-organism detection, we are pleased to be able to offer a minimum order size of 50 dip slides.

Sample dip slides are available on request, contact us.