Why use Dip Slides?

If micro-organisms are given the opportunity to grow within your industrial aqueous fluids you could experience a negative impact to your business and its operations.

If left undetected and untreated these growths will multiply and start to release foul odours and produce mucus formulations within your aqueous fluids. This can lead to machinery deterioration, malfunction of fluidity, blockages and in severe cases machine failure and replacement.

In today’s economic environment, businesses cannot afford production downtime, costly machine repairs or occupational health issues.

If you are concerned that any of the issues above are occurring in your workplace, we recommend introducing a daily/weekly test regime using Dip Slides to monitor the health of your aqueous fluids and maintain required biocide levels.

Using dip slides on a regular basis is a simple, quick and economical solution to protecting your business from the negative impacts bacteria, mould and yeast can have on your operations.